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Brick & Block Cutting

You won’t be surprised to learn that cutting bricks isn’t necessarily an easy DIY job.  If cut bricks are required on your project and you want the best finish you can have, than precision cutting is the key to producing that great finish you deserve.  Here at Phoenix, we have skilled people who dedicate their time to make sure that you get accurate cut bricks that will fulfil your site requirements without any fuss.  This is a specialist service that is all too rare nowadays but with the special machines and hand crafted products you can buy from us we are confident that we can help in almost every case.  So if you need cut and bonded angles; half bats; closers; cut block specials then you need look no further

We can also cut concrete blocks or you can select from our own stock range of pre-cut coursing blocks, Chock-a-Block.  You will find more details about these on our Concrete Products page.

You can rest assured that we will spend our time working hard to get you what you need so that you don’t have to.

 - Phoenix Building Products
Pistol Stretcher


  • Precision cut bricks and blocks by time served craftsmen.
  • Internal and external cuts to any angle.
  • Comprehensive range of standard or custom made bricks and blocks.
  • Industry expert help available.



  • Precision cutting means that you get what you want with minimum fuss and maximum accuracy.
  • Cuts to any angle means you get the right finish every time.
  • Comprehensive range means you get access to exactly the right product for your project at the best possible value for money.
  • Our professional team is there for you to use.  You will bet the best help from people who have been in the brick cutting industry for many years.  Chances are, they’ve seen it all before.
 - Phoenix Building Products
Custom External Angle