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Brick Slips

It is possible to use brick slips, or brick tiles, where the use of a full width brick may not possible or practical.  To all intents and purposes the finished appearance of a surface in brick slips is that of a full depth traditional brick wall  but often has an advantage of easy fixing and fitting.

With it’s attention to detail and automated brick cutting line, Phoenix will usually cut brick slips from bricks supplied by you.  These will then match the full bricks that may be being used elsewhere on your project.  The slips will be supplied loose and can include returns, pistols and other specials.  Once the manufacture is completed we will re-deliver the finished slips to your site.

A brick slip can be cut from most brick types, down to a recommended minimum thickness of 20mm. No guarantee is possible for brick slips of a lesser thickness in respect of wastage volume, survival rate or breakages in transit.

We can also fabricate your brick slips into brick cladding panels.  This work is carried out in a quality controlled environment by skilled craftsmen.  It is at this stage that we can create your special patters if required.

You can use Phoenix Brick Slips if you are using timber frame, steel frame or traditional masonry construction methods.  If insulation is required, why not use our Candiwall system as this will give you the best of both worlds, a fully insulated brick slip system that is great value for money.  Whichever method you choose, brick slips or tiles provide a fast, cost effective way to get the look, durability and texture of traditional brick detailing.

By using cut brick slips from Phoenix, the variety of colours and styles available will suit all projects either exterior or interior. We also provide corner brick slips if required.

Slip sizes nominally: 210-215 x 65 x 20-25mm

External Corners nominally: 210-215 x 65 x 100 x 20-25mm


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Rustic Yellow Stretcher Slips


  • Formed and fired using real clay.
  • Can be used with insulated backing boards such as Candiwall.
  • Internal as well as external use.
  • We can provide purpose made and cut slips.
  • Slips can be cut from your site requirement where differing wall make ups are required.
  • Suitable for mounting on bonded panels such as Phoenix TegClad.


  • Achieve that real brick wall look at a fraction of the weight.
  • When using Candiwall and real slips, it is possible to get a durable real brick facade with a good thermal performance.
  • Taking advantage of the slim slips, kitchen splash-backs, internal walls and external facades can be renovated with minimum disruption.
  • The wide range of slips available from Phoenix means we can offer you a truly comprehensive range to suit your build.
  • UK wide mainland collection and re-delivery service means we can help you no matter where your site is.
  • By using a backing board such as Phoenix TegClad you can fix a real brick wall to lightweight structural steel or timber frame quickly and efficiently.
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Typical External Corner - Red Rustic.