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Pre-fabricated Arches

When it comes to Pre-fabricated Arches, Phoenix can create exactly what you need.  Whether the solution is standard, generic or custom, structural or lightweight, you will get great quality and terrific value for money.

Here at Phoenix, we want to take away the complications of designing complex load bearing brick faced arches from you.  We will work alongside your design team to ensure that whatever issues they face, we offer the correct product ensuring the best aesthetic and technical outcome for your build.

We can provide concrete or steel backed structural components, or if you prefer, a lightweight alternative.  All of them will be faced with real clay brick slips that will compliment any surrounding traditional brickwork.  For example, you can expect the lightweight Phoenix “Flyweight Arch System” to use only the best quality materials.  Fire resistant grade EPS; Magnesium Oxide Multi-Pro XS Board; Metafix epoxy adhesives all with the relevant BBA Agrement Certificates coupled with customer supplied bricks cut to 30mm slips.

As in everything we do for you, we take pride in what we create and ensure that all the products you buy from Phoenix are right for the job.  If you involve us from the outset, you will give yourself the best chance of getting right result with minimum fuss and right first time.

Whatever your project, please get in touch so that we can help you to get what you need.


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Structural or Lightweight Flat Arches. Standard or Custom Made


  • Standard, generic designs.
  • Custom solutions.
  • Cast Stone Keystones.
  • Structural elements with brick facings.
  • Lightweight arches featuring fire resistant grade integral insulation.
  • Flyweight Arches incorporate only the best raw materials all with relevant Agrement Certificates.


  • Standard, generic designs offer great value for money with quick delivery if required.
  • Custom solutions means that you can have what you need for your development with no fuss.
  • Cast Stone Keystones offer traditional highlight to the arch design which can be most attractive.
  • Structural elements offer solutions to some aspects of the structural design where visible structural steelwork is best avoided.
  • Lightweight options lead to less time during installation saving time and money.
  • Agrement Certificates give you peace of mind that you are buying a product that is right for the job.
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Circular Window Surrounds, Semi-Circular or Elliptical